Vox pop: Has music become too offensive?

Should singers cut the sex and bad language?

Joan Smith, 57, Midwife, Lincolnshire

In the light of the controversial X Factor performances that outraged the UK Ofcom changed their guidelines saying that scantily-clad singers must be cut from programmes being aired before the watershed.

Yet it seems as if nothing has changed with popular singers swearing and flaunting their half-naked bodies in their explicit music videos, readily available on MTV and Youtube.

Rapper Nicki Minaj is often criticised for her foul language and indecent exposure. Her song Starships includes the lyrics ‘F**k who you want, and f**k who you like,’ however she continues to appeal to a young audience.

A quote from Ofcom’s website says, ‘21% of all parents surveyed mentioned concerns about nudity or sexual content, and one in six (17%) had concerns about offensive language.’