Halal enters under the radar

Halal produce in Cardiff Market is readily available; you just won’t know it.

Butchers also allow for flair: Morgan’s one-person meal

The demand for halal produce is higher than ever in Cardiff, prompting the conversion of many restaurants to serving halal meat. Now it has emerged that although Cardiff Market does not house a halal-only vendor, you can find the Islam-approved meat there.

“Of the meat I sell, 99% of the lamb is halal and I’d say around 98% of the chicken is too,” says Brian Morgan, a renowned butcher for 30 years.

“It doesn’t make commercial sense for us to be serving halal-only meat. But if you want halal produce, just ask,” he continued. 

Brian went on to say that the “60-plus-year-old” customer base the market predominately serves didn’t justify a halal-only butcher. 


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