Art installation shines new light On Poppies

Image courtesy of Alison Crocetta

©AlisonCrocetta “On Poppies” still

Across from the poppy trees by Cardiff Central, a temporary exhibition On Poppies is opening for three days only, from 30 October to 1 November.

On Poppies, by Alison Crocetta, was commissioned as part Outcasting: Fourth Wall, a biennial moving image festival. The installation examines the controversial history of the poppy as both a symbol of commemoration and as an opiate, seeking to present a platform for reflection on multifaceted subjects.

Emma Geliot, O:4W Project co-director, says, “The interesting thing about the moving image is that everyone is familiar with it, yet it allows for people to connect with complex ideas and think about things in different ways.”

“The spaces we create are accessible places to engage with often inaccessible ideas.”