Voxpop: Millennium or Principality?

In 1999 the Millennium Stadium was built in the centre of Cardiff and would become the home of Welsh rugby. Now almost 20 years on it has been renamed the Principality Stadium.

As of 1st January this year the stadium was officially renamed after a deal was struck with the Principality Building Society and with the Autumn internationals looming the company name will be thrust into the limelight.

Principality is a Cardiff-based building society and was first established in 1860 in Church Street. Having grown throughout the years the company now has around 70 branches and agencies across Wales.

The WRU group chief executive Roger Lewis said, “The fit with Principality Building Society is perfect. We have had an association with them for a number of years in a range of rugby ways.”

Inside the stadium

Inside the Principality Stadium before its name change

This is not the first time a company has bought the naming rights for a stadium in Wales. In recent years Sophia Gardens has been referred to as the SWALEC stadium. It is becoming increasingly more prevalent for companies to attempt to increase their brand recognition in this way.

Cory Thomas, open-side flanker for Bridgend, says that, “The reason Principality wanted to rename the stadium is because the Millennium Stadium is so iconic that changing the name would be so well noticed that it would be the best advertising stunt ever. Both myself and the majority of people will continue to call it the Millennium Stadium.”

Nevertheless Graeme Yorston, group chief executive of Principality, remains optimistic and says, “This partnership is about investing in the development of rugby at every level, providing opportunities for people to prosper through sport and creating memorable and unrivaled experiences for our members and communities.”

We asked the community: What is your opinion on the renaming of the Millennium Stadium to the Principality Stadium?