Bute Park tour to encourage slowing down

Leader of tree charter tour hopes to inspire people to enjoy their surroundings and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of walking 

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The rush of getting to work can stop us from appreciating the beauty around us, Bute Park tree expert says

Hour long guided walks are to be led through Bute Park as part of Tree Charter celebrations on 25 November.

The Woodland Trust’s charter marks the 800th anniversary of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. It is the culmination of its work with over 70 organisations to ensure the endurance and appreciation of trees.

Malcolm Fraser, volunteer tree expert at Bute Park, will guide the tours around the park and share his specialist knowledge.

The tree planter and feller hopes the walks will encourage people to slow down and take time to walk through their local parks. He said: “Being able to go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature throughout all of the seasons and at any time of the day is of great benefit for people with busy and stressful lives.”

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The walk is advertised as a ‘seasonal walk’ in which Fraser will talk about the park’s trees, including Welsh and British champions he planted

“Slow exercise is just as important as any physical activity,” he added, saying that people tend to rush through the park instead of taking their time. “My walk will focus on the beauty of trees at this time of year and to encourage people to take time out to become absorbed in the landscape,” he said.

Young person’s laureate Sophie McKeand will give a reading of  her commissioned poem “Connecting with the tree” after the walk.

She told AltCardiff she aims in her poetry to get people to appreciate everyday beauty, and hopes the walks achieve the same.

In our increasingly busy lives, spending time with trees helps us to change speed, to reconnect in a more organic and meaningful way with ourselves and our environment. Walking is a form of meditation and walking through such a stunning, historic place as Bute Park allows the mind to remember the bigger picture,” she said.

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Someone on their daily commute glances at the park’s trees

The seasonal walk will start at 12 noon from the Pettigrew Tearoom terrace.