Miss Patisserie’s shift to vegan products

Miss Patisserie’s skincare, body and bath products fully embrace the vegan lifestyle as they make the shift to grow the market

Some of Miss Patisserie’s vegan products

Lately, vegan products have been taking over the beauty industry. Shops like Miss Patisserie’s in Cardiff have fully embraced the positive change, and made the switch on their products.

The beauty industry is a relentless one, popular brands make it difficult for newcomers to make it into the market successfully.

But, Miss Patisserie’s accepted and embraced the challenge almost three months ago.

Miss Patisserie’s went as far as disconnecting non-cruelty-free products. Instead, they focused on providing more vegan products for their customers.

If you are interested in making the lifestyle shift to vegan products, the difficulty of finding good quality products can become dreadful. And as much as the market makes you believe that they do not exist, worry not, they do. It simply needs more dedication.

Once you’re used to a particular brand, it’s also financially hard to switch to a new one. As it’s natural to try several products from a specific brand until you settle on one or more.

A corner at Miss P’s shop for customer’s to tryout their vegan products

That’s why Miss Patisserie’s online platforms, where they receive most of their main income from, both internationally and all over UK help their followers and customers to experiment and try new skincare routines, whether it’s homemade or part of their products.

Louise Eawpree, the shop retailer who’s also responsible of Miss Patisserie’s PR and marketing believes that “A lot of millennials are becoming more conscious, consumers who are in their twenties are leaning more towards those ethical decisions that companies wouldn’t always take into account, I do think it will get bigger and more mainstream than it is now.”

Miss Patisserie’s consistency is what makes their business decision of switching to vegan products gradually grow in Cardiff’s market. “We wanna eventually become more of a lifestyle brand, in terms of veganism and just make it more broadly accessible,” said Louise.