Cardiff hosts Bigmoose Supertri 3

Bigmoose is running its 3rd Supertri, a triathlon for disabled children, where there’s no rules or times, just fun and inclusion

The event is still open for children and volunteers to sign up

Bigmoose is hosting its 3rd Supertri event at Cardiff Metropolitan University on 23 December.

The event is a triathlon for disabled children, where there are no rules or winners, just a day of fun and inclusion for all.

Two Paralympians, Jordan Howe and Kyron Duke are confirmed to be in attendance to give out medals to the children involved.

This year, over 100 disabled children are taking part in the swim, cycle and run. In addition, over 120 people have volunteered to support the children.

Jeff Smith started Bigmoose after losing his best friend Gary ‘Moose’ Cloonan to cancer.

Chloe Smith, Jeff’s daughter who’s also heavily involved with the charity, explained Bigmoose’s aim is “to encourage people to live better, healthier, kinder lives.”

Earlier this year, Chloe opened Bigmoose Coffee Co, as an extension of Bigmoose, to tackle homelessness.

This time last year, Chloe got the keys to what would become her social enterprise. The coffee shop is a non-profit business working partnership with Llamau, a homeless charity for young people and women.

Bigmoose Coffee Co is located on 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff

Chloe said, “we want to help, support and mentor people affected by homelessness. We do this by putting them through training and courses in barista skills or kitchen skills/baking.”

Each homeless employee trained to their passion within the business. Their current homeless employee in loves working with the coffee machine and has therefore been given barista training.

Llamau estimates every year in the UK 150,000 people aged 16-25 ask for help with homelessness, and 7,000 of them are in Wales.

Social enterprises such as Bigmoose Coffee Co aim to be a hand-up, rather than a handout.

Also, the coffee shop prides itself on paying all employees the national living wage.

Earlier this month they had First Minister Carwyn Jones in to officially announce the new real living wage.

Chloe describes her long-term goal as “eradicating homelessness in Cardiff.”