Vegan workshops ‘teaching a generation’

Vegan baking on the rise for bakers

A beginners workshop in vegan baking is running every Saturday in The Hayes through the winter months ran by a Cardiff-based vegan baker.

The Green Kitchen has a series of vegan baking workshops every Saturday until 29 December to help educate people how to make delicious vegan treats.

It is advertised as a workshop in which you will “learn how to make beautiful cupcakes, delicious pizza cups and impressive lunch boxes.”

This is helping educate the residents of Cardiff on how to substitute dairy products in their baking and new recipes to try at home.

Volunteer with OneKind, Charlie Guy, said, “Vegan cookery and bakery courses are teaching the next generation how to make not only main courses but also desserts, puddings and pastries – there is now no need, nor excuse, to miss out on favourite meals.”

Veganism seems to be growing in popularity as people make a conscious effort to reduce their meat and dairy intake.

The Green Kitchen said, “we are on a mission to show people how easy and accessible a vegan diet actually is.”

Supermarket Tesco said, “Vegan food is the UK’s fastest growing culinary trend of 2018.”

It was also announced that they’re doubling the Wicked Kitchen range due to popular demand.

Charlie said, “Vegans who were once saddled with ‘rabbit food’, now have the options to choose from a wide variety of egg and dairy free substitutes, creative cookery and restaurant menus, all within the mainstream. “

Workshop helping to educate on vegan baking

Earlier this year Channel 4s The Great British Bake Off introduced Vegan Week for the first time in the programme’s history.

Pinterest also reported that ‘saves’ for vegan dessert are up by 329% in 2018 than previous years.

With this popularity it’s no surprise the number of people in the UK following a vegan diet was calculated at 3.5 million in April 2018.

The Green Kitchen said, “we source all the ingredients from local supermarkets so people can see that our pantry is no different from theirs.”

Baking workshops are the progressive step in helping people eradicate animal products from their home baking.

For more details about the workshop at White Stuff, The Hayes, check out the event here.