A female-only networking service is launching to help women in business

Women of Wales Networking is aiming to take the pressure off formal networking by adding fun social twists to events

cocktail making class at a bar
Cocktail masterclasses seem to be popular with social networking events. Credit Crew on Unsplash

A new networking service is being launched aimed at the women of Wales, hoping to provide a social environment where they can meet like-minded people.

The first social event of the service is being held this month in central Cardiff, providing attendees with nibbles and a cocktail masterclass to take the formal pressure off.

Zoe Field, 34, a corporate events manager at Deltic Group, who is launching Women of Wales Networking (W.O.W.N.), says there is a gap in the market for female-only social events. She hopes this new service can provide a space for women in business to connect.

She said: “I think there is space for all different types of networking events as sometimes it’s more beneficial to go to a more formal event, but some people get more out of a fun night. I prefer social networking as that is where I have made lots of female friends.”

More brands, such as Cardiff-based Fiftyone3 for example, are turning towards organising more informal, fun networking events because of the pressure conventional events put on people.

Mike Jordan, 42, a representative of Fiftyone3 and co-founder of Bluegg, said: “There’s always a need for fun networking events! The problem with more traditional events is that there is a lot of pressure to deliver the perfect pitch and tick the right boxes, which can be intimidating and off-putting.” 

He continued to say that the events they put on are to help people of all confidence levels feel comfortable with no pressure put on them to perform. 

Networking events can still be considered an important part of the business industry because they allow people to create meaningful connections. Both W.O.W.N. and Fiftyone3 allow people to make these connections while also having fun. 

Fiftyone3 are holding an event next week, with tickets still available. W.O.W.N. are holding their first event on 28 November, tickets must be purchased online beforehand.