Green Friday event shares food in a challenge to Black Friday consumerism

A collective of groups has gathered at the Hayes Market to promote their anti-consumerism message and share vegan food

Group of people share free vegan food on Green Friday
Green Friday Rebel Market shares free vegan food with passerbys

A gathering of organisation who are against mass consumerism held a green alternative market on Black Friday, which fell on 29 November.

Green Friday Rebel Market was held in the Hayes market, Cardiff. They urged people to  boycott Black Friday with stalls and activities, as well as free vegan food.

Black Friday has become far bigger than just one day, with deals on offer for the week running up to the event, as well as over the weekend and into Cyber Monday. 

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front (TGAF), who organised the event, were pleased with how the event was received. 

A member of TGAF, who goes by the name of Alex, said, “We were able to do a lot of outreach, and if we were able to convince even a few people that another, more sustainable society is possible, then I would consider the event a complete success.”

a bowl of hot soup and bread, shared on Black Friday by Green Friday activists
Hot soup and bread were shared by Food Not Bombs, who meet every Friday to share food and protest

The vegan food was provided by Food Not Bombs (FNB). One of the organisers of FNB, who prefers to be named as John, said that they meet every Friday to share vegan food and protest capitalism, war, poverty and the destruction of the environment. 

“We give food to anyone who wants it,” said John. “We try and make it a social event, using non-plastic bowls and cutlery which encourages people to chat.”

Green Friday Rebel Market argues that, “we can’t continue to reward behaviour which is destroying the planet.” It’s a view that a volunteer at the Extinction Rebellion stall shares. 

The volunteer, who prefers to be called Alice, believes it’s important for people to reduce the amount of meat they eat.

A woman who supports Extinction Rebellion argues for better food choices on Green Friday
Alice, from Extinction Rebellion, hopes that greater awareness of sustainability will lead to the public making better food purchasing choices

She thinks that government action and regulation is needed to encourage different shopping habits. She also believes a willingness to change food habits could result as public awareness of sustainable food increases.