Welsh band Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons release new album following lockdown

New album by Welsh band saves rock industry, and doesn’t let Covid-19 steal the show

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons pose individually for a band photo
Welsh rockers; Todd Campbell, Neil Starr, Phil Campbell, Dane Campbell, and Tyla Campbell pose alone for a (socially distanced) band photo. Credit: Bethan Miller Photography

Welsh band Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons have released a new album We’re the Bastards, after a difficult lockdown for the rock industry.

The five-piece band from South Wales released their new album on November 13 following eight months in local lockdown. 

Phil Campbell of Mötorhead and his three sons, Todd, Dane and Tyla Campbell form four members of the heavy metal, hard rock band; the fifth being vocalist Neil Starr.

The album We’re the Bastards is a spinoff from the band’s name, ‘Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons’. Tyla Campbell, the band’s bassist said the band’s name was at first a joke by singer Neil.

“My father [Phil Campbell, the band’s guitarist] wasn’t keen on the name, he took some time to come around to it,” laughed Tyla.

After a fan of the band tweeted “#We’re the bastards”, the Welsh band felt it was the perfect album title. “We’ve got bastard in our name, so why not add bastard in our album?,” said Tyla.

Can’t wait to release our new album, We’re the Bastards on November 13. It’s going to rock your socks off!”

Phil Campbell, guitarist of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons
Rocking a socially distanced new album

The album was created in Todd Campbell’s recording studio Stompbox Music Studio in Pontyclun following social distancing guidelines. The band’s usual recording dynamic was forced to change said Tyla, as only two members of the band were able to be in the studio at one time.

The restrictions meant that the band were more productive recording the £8.99 album as they didn’t “waste any time chatting,” said Tyla. Although, a lack of feedback from fellow band members was a potential hindrance to the progression of the album.

Due to the restrictions, the band was unable to hear the 13-track digital album develop through the usual step-by-step process. Tyla concluded, “I didn’t hear the guitar or the vocals till the very end, so it was interesting to see it as a full-blown album.”

Image of album cover, 'We're the Bastards'
Introducing the album

The new 13-song album We’re the 
Bastards by Welsh band Phil Campbell 
and the Bastard Sons is out now. 

Bassist Tyla Campbell says: 
"The only way forward 
for bands to get through 
the pandemic is to find 
new ways to engage 
with fans and maintain 
that level of online content."