Dance class offers ‘concert-style’ ticket release for its popular beginner course

Dancing in high heels is the newest way for women to feel empowered, and this class regularly sells out from high demand

Heels Empowerment classes enable women to build confidence and sensuality (Credit: Heels Empowerment)

A dance class that focuses on dancing in high heels has offered an early release of its December beginner’s course tickets for exclusive access.

Geo creates a supportive environment in her classes (Credit: Heels Empowerment)

Heels Empowerment, which is based at Flame Dance Studios in Atlantic Wharf, offers a four-week beginner course every month. In the lead up to the ticket release, the dance company makes a reserve list in a group chat on Instagram and provides exclusive access to the tickets before anyone else. The ticketing method is reminiscent of pre-sale concert tickets.

Geo Rose is a dance instructor and owner of Heels Empowerment. She said she does this to make her customers feel special and to give them the confidence to follow through with their desire to dance in heels. “A lot of beginner’s doubt if they want to come,” Geo said. Therefore, selling tickets in this way makes sure they know they’re important.

Customers show interest by messaging the Heels Empowerment Instagram page, and then Geo puts them in a group chat. On the day the tickets go live, Geo makes them available for five minutes, an hour before the official release. 

Heels are not the only footwear for Geo’s classes, as she also runs commercial sessions, which incorporates street dance, hip hop and jazz, and are danced in trainers. She said her classes had always been popular, but since coming out of  lockdown this year, she has noticed people need a release. 

Research has shown that the impact on the foot from dancing in heels can be harmful. 

This does not deter Geo, who started doing her classes in 2019. “I loved how amazing it feels dancing in heels, I loved the feeling of how sensual it was,” Geo said. “I thought if I set this up then more women can feel the way it makes me feel.”

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  4. Maintain good posture and engage your core