Vegan café cooks up new plant based Christmas menu ready for the festive season

Eartha, which is also a plant store, has been offering evening bookings for a Christmas meal to cater to the surge of veganism in 2021

The outside terrace engulfed in plant life at Eartha, Cardiff. Image credit: @earthastore on Instagram

A vegan café and plant store on City road in Cathays has launched a new Christmas menu for those who’ve chosen a plant based diet this holiday season. 

Eartha is taking more bookings than ever as the demand for vegan Christmas food continues to rise. Its menu includes rosemary fried potatoes, a roasted jerusalem artichoke and a chocolate and chestnut brownie.  

The café uprooted from its pop-up location in the city centre to the full time residence on City road in 2018 and has since been offering locally sourced vegan food and plants to the Cardiff public. 

And the popularity of veganism in the UK is only rising. As the Guardian reported, over 500,000 people pledged to go vegan in 2021 and plant based diets have gone from fads to mainstream consumption.

The rise in alternative diets has also increased the demand for alternative Christmas food. As a result, methods to eat a plant based Christmas meal have littered the broadsheets and tabloids alike this year. 

This is something Eartha has witnessed in its store. Stephen Peckham, who is one of the managers of the café, says, “The trend for vegan cuisine has been growing for many years now and our customers make no exception during the festive season.”

Tackling the classics in a meat and dairy-free way brings its challenges too. “Our festive menu is made from traditional Christmas ingredients only we’ve put our own slant on things,” Stephen says. 

He adds, “We have orecchiette pasta with roast butternut and sage,” instead of your usual meat and two veg. An d as opposed to a traditional turkey roast Eartha offers a, “Vegan nut roast, which we always serve on Sundays anyway because we like to stick to the classics.” 

You can find out more information on its website or its Instagram page.