Artists in Cardiff held activities to resist Climate Crisis.

About 500 hundred people attended artistic activities to discuss environmental issues.

The Emergency Room in Roath Source: Facebook

Climate Crisis has been used to describe the potentially devastating threat of global warming to the planet. The UN has warned that Climate Change is not only having a devastating impact on the environments we live in, but also on respect for human rights globally.

The Emergency Room was a two-week programme from 21st October. The programme contains many workshops and seminars. Artists and environmental enthusiasts gathered together, creating art works and chatted about Climate Crisis.

‘Now What?! #2, an open session for discussion and reflection

Emrys Barnes is the curator of the Emergency Room. He said that the way people feel and think about the world is influenced by different kinds of art. He, as an artist, wants to use the form of art to attract more people to pay attention to environmental issues. Therefore more and more people can take action to ask companies and the government for a change.