Why is it so difficult to find a job in Butetown?

In Butetown, which is one of the most racially diversified communities in UK, young people find it quite difficult to find a job. What is the reason for this? And what has been done there to help?

Nirushan Sudarsan, the editor of Butetown Matters. (Source: Instagram)

“Young people are discriminated against when applying for jobs”, said Nirushan Sudarsan, the runs the Butetown Matters blog. “Drugs, knives, and violence seem to be the tags of Butetown.”

According to Mr Sudarsan, many employers don’t hire people from Butetown because employers always assume that people from the area can cause some unpredictable troubles.

The organization that helps people in Butetown

Employers’ unconscious bias upsets the young people in Butetown when they are applying for jobs. An on-going campaign called Citizens Community Wales is trying to encouraging young people to regain confidence in applying for jobs.

Mr Sudarsan says employers need to pay workers the living wage and do uncouncious bias training.