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Cardiff Castle’s Grounds and Castle Café are Open Again

People in Cardiff have been able to enjoy outdoors activities, attractions and hospitality services for over a week now. Cardiff Castle’s grounds are one of those attractions which gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and historical view.

In Cardiff Castle people are allowed to visit the outside areas while having the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality services, with entry to the grounds currently free of charge.

The staff are making sure that all rules and regulations are met and they’re welcoming the change allowing them to be back at work. Sanitiser stations are being installed in order to make sure that guests can keep themselves and those around them safe.

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Hilary, who enjoys her time in the Castle’s Café, says that she appreciates the improvements made during the last year. Jovie Davies, a staff member at the Castle, thinks that people are happy to be allowed back to the historical place.

The rules to be followed are simple: Sanitise your hands, keep socially distanced and enjoy the view.

Cardiff Castle Café