Cardiff Comes Together: Fundraising Efforts for Syria and Turkey Earthquake Relief

Organizations and individuals are raise funds for Turkey and Syria, where conflict and humanitarian crises have left millions in dire need of assistance.

Despite being thousands of miles away from the affected areas, the people of Cardiff are trying to making a positive impact on the situation. Fundraising events, such as bake sales and charity runs, have been organized to collect donations for humanitarian organizations working on the ground in the region. With their efforts, these people and organizations are hoping to make a difference and improve the lives of those affected by the eartquake.

A local mosque has rallied its community to come together and support relief efforts. Cardiff’s Dar UI-Isra Mosque is sending aid to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.

The mosque, which is located in the Cathays area, has already raised more than twenty thousand pounds and collected five vans full of clothes and shoes.

Naveed Rahman is a spokesperson for Dar Ul Isra. He said a fundraising link has been established to channel donations directly to the Islamic Relief charity. He said this means that every penny donated goes straight to the cause without any intermediary.

” We have had to increase our initial goal after the heartwarming response from the community towards the fundraiser,” said Mr Rahman.

Naveed Rahman

Mr Rahman said the local community is rallying together to support a charity appeal through a large food fair event at the mosque. This Friday, after prayers, individuals and businesses are invited to donate food items to be sold to the whole community. The proceeds from this will go directly towards the charity appeal and help provide aid to those in need.

Alongside other organizations, the International Food Centre on City Road has been working with community members to raise funds and support those affected by the ongoing conflicts in the region.

Hassan Kaya, the director of the company, said that the fundraiser is available on a GoFundMe page. Mr Kaya said that the money raised from this initiative would be given to Turkish and Syrian organizations such as the humanitarian relief charity Turk Kizilay that people have faith in, with the support of the government.

International Food Centre poster

But there are concerns from some members of the community about some aid organizations. While some individuals still believe in the effectiveness of these organizations and their ability to provide aid to those in need, others have grown disillusioned.

Amal Hallak, a Syrian researcher and activist based in Cardiff, said that many of her friends who want to help are uncertain whether their donations will truly reach those who need them most.

She said she felt transported back to the region when she received a call from a friend on the day of the earthquake.

” I felt helpless and devastated by the news, people in Syria need aid to reach them now,” she said.

She said that there is an urgent need for support and resources to aid those affected by conflict and displacement, emphasizing that every little bit of help can make a difference.

Amal Hallak

In addition to aid organizations, student-led organizations are also joining the effort to provide support for those in need in Turkey and Syria. These groups say they recognize the urgency of the situation and are taking action to help make a positive impact.

One of them is Cardiff University’s Turkish Society, which organized a bake sale fundraiser to raise money for those affected by the ongoing crises. The event was well-attended, with many individuals and students in the community coming out to support the cause. The funds raised will go towards providing aid to those impacted by conflict and displacement, helping to address urgent needs and alleviate suffering.

Turkish Society bake sale

The members of the society said people in the region are suffering terribly, with many lacking basic necessities such as clean drinking water and shelter.

The funds raised will be sent to a local organization in Turkey called AHBP, which works to provide aid and support to those in need.

Individuals in Cardiff are also trying to help and support the victims of the earthquake. Dr Buthenah Davies, is a businesswoman and part-time teacher at Cardiff University, has taken action in response to the devastating natural disaster.

As a Syrian, Dr Davies says she was deeply moved by the plight of the Syrian people, who have once again been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere.

She has launched a fundraising campaign to help those in need, working directly with those in Syria and staying in contact with people on the ground.

“Children walking barefoot in freezing temperatures is something that should never happen. Funds raised are helping families build homes and have a shelter over their heads,” Dr Davies said.

Dr Buthenah Davies

Organizations who launched fundraising campaigns to individuals who made personal donations, the response from the community is increasing every day.