Cardiff Streets are Blocked by Pavement Parking and Litter Bags

Pavement parking and litter bags on streets not only cause safety issues to cyclists and pedestrians, but also bring inconvenience to people with disabilities.

Many roads are destroyed by parking cars and litter bags. LivingStreets a campaign group says pavement parking is becoming an increasing issue in Cardiff. Cars and litter blocking the pavement make the road narrower. People have to avoid cars and litters when they pass by the limited space.

LivingStreets hope to protect our living environment by encouraging people walking or cycling instead of driving. But the pavement parking and litter bags on streets make passengers feel unsafe. Jan Prosser, an environmental campaigner says, ”the roads are blocked and so narrow. People cannot get through because of huge vehicles. This is dangerous to pedestrians and other drivers.”

But not everyone think pavement parking should be banned. Some people think pavement parking is fine. John Grace, a local resident who does pavement parking says sometimes the road is wide enough, ”if there is enough space for cars to come up and down, why not? We do it in our streets, but it is in the top of Cardiff, not city centre.”

Besides pavement parking, streets are also blocked by litter bags. Another local resident, Chloe Clarke, feels unhappy about messy streets. She says she prefer less cars and litters everywhere, because ”they ruin the environment and ruin the view.”

Many residents hope there can be less cars and litters on the road. Pavement parking and litters on streets are becoming a problem which brings danger to people passing by. So environmental campaign groups in Cardiff hope government can pay more attention on the safety of walkers and cyclists.