Cardiff’s House of Fraser Store is Closing for Good

The 150-year-old historic store House of Fraser store on St Mary Street will shut its doors next month.

House of Fraser is one of the retail brands in Frasers Group, it is located inside the Howells Building and sells clothes, cosmetics, sports and retail products.

House of Fraser is offering discounts in preparation for its complete closure next month.


The permanent closure of the store means 200 employees will lose their jobs.

Luke Bodnar works for House of Fraser. He says under the influence of the COVID-19, the retail industry suffered tough years.

Luke Bodnar

This shop is an iconic building in Cardiff, many people have special memories of it.

Ifty Baker is a loyal customer of this store, he could not accept that it was going to close.

He says House of Fraser was built before he was born, and for him it is more like a childhood memory. He think it is most famous landmark in Cardiff.

Ifty Baker

Investment company Thackeray brought the building last year with plans for a £100 million mixed-use redevelopment.

House of Fraser