Feminists in Cardiff Protest on International Women’s Day

An anti-rape protest was held on Sunday – International Women’s day – outside the BBC studios in Cardiff. The Protesters performed the Feminist Anthem ” A Rapist in your Path” in Welsh.

As a famous feminism anthem to oppose violence on women, the song has been translated into several languages and has been performed in Latin America, the United States, Europe. And this Sunday, Cardiff people will be able to listen it is sang in Wales.

Gwen Delune, director of the protest, says that she wants to unite people together to condemn the violence against women and sexual abuse.

Gwen Delune sings ”A Rapist in your Path” in Welsh

Gwen was not the only one who suffered from the tragedy. Rape offences in England and Wales have increased over the last decade. According to ONS, there were about 58.66 thousand cases of rape crimes recorded in 2018-19, which has almost tripled the cases in the last six years.

Office for National Statistics (UK). (July 18, 2019). Number of rape offences recorded in England and Wales from 2002/03 to 2018/19 (in 1,000s) [Graph]. In Statista. Retrieved March 08, 2020, from https://www.statista.com/statistics/283100/recorded-rape-offences-in-england-and-wales/

That’s why when asking about the “anti-rape” protest, Edurne Morillo, A member of the Cardiff University shows her and her society’s support. She says it’s great to see women can go out on streets and express their opinions, which in her opinion will certainly have an influence on the Feminism in Cardiff. Other than that, she also said that she thinks Cardiff is a safe city for women.

The organiser of the protest Women’s Strike Assembly also initiated several protests in London , Bristol , Cardiff and other cities in UK on the International Women’s Day. According to the organisation, singing the feminism anthem throughout the UK will unite women who face patriarchal oppressions.

People holding Feminism sign, Ozge Ozduzen