Ferris Wheel in Cardiff Bay Welcomes Back Visitors After Lockdown

The giant ferris wheel in Cardiff Bay is back in business after being shut for more than a year.

The ferris wheel is in Harbour Drive, on the site of the former Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre near the Norwegian Church.

With the relaxation of the lockdown policy, the ferris wheel has come back to life. After nearly a week’s work, It was officially opened to the public on Monday. Visitors were once again able to get views of the bay from the wheel.

Each summer the bay usually sees a huge child-friendly beach, a shallow water play area, rides and games, a ferries wheel, live entertainment, food and drink, — but because of the pandemic, these activities were discontinued.

Freshly built Ferry wheel

The ferris wheel will run daily from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm until September. The price is five pounds for adults and four pounds for children.

People are enjoying their freedom after a long-time lockdown. One visitor, who was visiting with his family in Cardiff Bay described how he was delighted to be able to go to the ferris wheel again. He said the reopening will bring more people to this area, which would also boost tourism and economic recovery.

Considering the impact of the pandemic, strict measures will be in place to ensure the safety of visitors to the ferris wheel. “We do several things to keep safe,” says John Noyce, who is one of the staff members at wheel. Firstly, people should keep social distance when queueing and use the Sanitise Station provided at the entrance. Besides, the staff will manage the number of guests within the attraction at a given time. Meanwhile, the wheel will take regular short breaks for cleaning.

“We are outdoor attractions and that’s been proven to be an advantage,” he adds. As one of the first facilities to be opened to the public, they feel privileged. It is seen as a symbol of normality. After the gradual lifting of Covid restrictions, more indoor facilities will come back to people’s life again as well.

CNP News Presenter Darshan Dalal presents our news feature