Increased Broad Street Traffic Frustrates Canton Drivers and Residents

The crossroads of Lackwith Road and Sloper Road in the Canton area of the city is very busy, causing traffic accidents to happen. 

Broad Street

Broad Street is in the middle of these two main roads. 

Drivers usually pass through Broad Street to avoid congestion and the traffic volume of this residential street continues to grow. 

Carys Thomas

Carys Thomas is a housewife who has lived this street more than 13 years. She thinks traffic jams have been particularly bad in recent years. 

“The congestion have been aware for the last three or four years, they’ve built so much open around here, with shops and the new house. This road is completely congested both ways.”

Illegal parking on the side of the road

Illegal parking is one of the main causes of congestion on Broad Street, and it also annoys other drivers. 

Devout Danga works at a local store. He lives on Broad Street. He was upset with other drivers for parking indiscriminately.

“They try to park the car by the side of the road, cars try to pass here. That is the most problem.”

Leigh Brown

Passing cars are often stopped on Broad Street because of long waits at traffic lights.

Leigh Brown runs an independent shop in Canton and has lived on Broad Street for seven years.

“The traffic rotation use the light of the main road, which comes down they get the priority. So it is really bad to the traffic.”

Cardiff Council is pushing ahead with schemes to tackle traffic problems in this area, including a plan to install a bus gate and build a new bus interchange.