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Listen to the Latest Cardiff News Plus Radio Bulletin

News reporters and producers have been working round the clock to bring you the latest news updates from Cardiff and outside the Welsh capital.

Reporters covered the collapse of Flybe airline and talked to one of the passengers stranded at Cardiff Airport. 120 Flybe flights from Cardiff airport have been scrapped.

90 people have so far tested positive to corona virus in the UK and the government has promised to help affected businesses. Our reporter Anke Imgrund covered the impact of the virus on heath outlets in Cardiff with some of the pharmacies reporting a shortage in masks and hand sanitizers.

We also covered a report about antisocial behavior in Splott and residents are worried about their safety. In the same area people are also angered by the increasing number of potholes which is affecting daily travel and causing damage to vehicles.

We also brought you reports about the cancellation of the Six Nations rugby match between England and Italy due to corona virus and the news of the Six Nations coverage move to a pay-per-view channel from from free television access next year.

Listen to the full bulletin here.