More than 2000 people signed a petition against a housing plan in Danescourt

Cardiff Council’s planning committee has rejected the housing proposal. The developer has six months to appeal the decision.

Danescourt Woodland is a wild space near Llandaff, Radyr and Danescourt. A plan for houses and an access road to be built here was first submitted in 2020. The application was finally heard last December and finally rejected at another meeting in January.

Around 2,300 have signed a petition objecting to this plan which was put forward by Taff Housing. According to Wales Online, their agent told the planning committee that affordable housing is in high demand in this area and the development would help to solve city’s housing crisis.

Sarah MacLean, a resident in Danescourt says: “It really has been community effort. I think that effort needs to be sustained, to keep the pressure on. Keep getting out and getting publicity for how important this area of woodland and meadow is for our community and for the wider environment.”

The MacLean family moved here several years ago. They have a baby girl who loves to play in the wood.

Sarah’s husband Alan says:” I think we need to start rethinking how we can put our good air quality all around the cities. By putting more green space, instead of taking it away.”

At this moment it is unclear if the developer will appeal.