We can’t give free food to homeless any more, says restaurant

The rising cost of living in Cardiff this winter has led to many restaurants taking action to cope with higher costs.

Malai Thai restaurant stopped serving free food to homeless people this winter. The restaurant opened in 2021 and is located on Caroline Street in the city centre.

Montip Chantahsok, who is the owner of the restaurant, says it’s quite difficult for them to get through the winter.

”We used to give the food away for the homeless people. Almost every day for five times a day for homeless. Now we can only say sorry, we can give you no more.

”Because the food prices are go up almost everything 30 percent and gas, electric go up as well.”

In addition to the direct impact of higher costs of living on restaurants, it also affects the spending power of consumers.

Gabriel Ernesto Asolar is a big fan of the restaurant, but he has cut the number of times he eats out this winter.

”It would be difficult to save money. Well, the prices are rising so I used to come here like twice a week now it’s twice a month.

”I am trying to save money for my daughter, I will have a daughter in next summer. I’m thinking is eating at home.

Montip also says ” For the past month, the number of customers queue up at noon is much lower than before.”

The current challenge is how long this crisis will last. Like other restaurant owners, Montip is waiting for spring and cheaper energy prices.