Rising Food Prices Make People Have A ‘Challenging Christmas’

Rising prices made Christmas difficult for many people in Cardiff. They also affected businesses.

Hamza Mahmood, who works at the Pak butcher shop near Clare Road , says they are getting turkey from suppliers at much higher prices this year than in 2021.

He says it’s not the same as last year. In 2021, the price for a whole turkey was 20 or 25 pounds, but last Christmas it was 30 to 40 pounds.

The rising prices have greatly affected the number of customers buying turkey in 2022. In 2021, people had ordered hundreds of turkeys from this shop. “Now it’s not even half,” Hamza Mahmood said.

Hamza Mahmood

Due to the war in Ukraine, the cost of raising animals has increased, so many food products are facing the problem of price increase. This applies not only to food, but also to energy bills.

Rising energy bills, rising food prices, and rising inflation mean it’s going to be a tough year.