Roath Residents Unhappy Over Upkeep of Pavements

The flooding of pavements in Roath is causing problems for pedestrians. The drainage system in the area is often clogged, forcing pedestrians to walk from the centre of the road.

Pedestrians in Roath say they are daily standing at a risk of meeting an accident as they are forced to walk from the centre of the road. The pavements usually get flooded because of clogged drains.

The area’s residents have expressed their displeasure over Cardiff Council’s upkeep of the pavements and drainages. During the days with heavy rain, the pavements collect water, and the puddles make it difficult to walk.

The parking system too has become a problem as the flooding stops people from parking properly. Daniel Williams, who lives in Roath said: “On this junction between, Albany Road and Pen – Y – Lan Road, in particular, over the last ten years, I’ve seen at least a dozen accidents. It is mainly because pavements are flooded which forces pedestrians and cars to change direction.”

Daniel Williams speaking to CardiffNewsPlus

In 2021, Cardiff City Council had initiated an 18-month test of the city road in Roath to rectify accessibility for pedestrians in order to promote active travel. As a part of the pilot plan to keep pavements clear for the pedestrians, drivers found parking their vehicles on the pavement were fined around £70 .

Local residents are looking forward to re-lodge complaint at Council, hoping for a permanent solution to their problems. Area shopkeepers, too, are hoping to join hands with the residents to express their grievances to the council.