Image Credit: Handlebar Barista

Solar-powered Mobile Barista Wins Contract to Operate Catering Concessions in Bute Park

Mobile catering and coffee company Handlebar Barista has been awarded a contract by Cardiff Council to operate catering concessions in Bute Park.

Cardiff Council and Parks Authority put out a tender at the end of last year for a Mobile Food or Coffee Unit to be allowed to trade in Bute Park, results of which were announced in the first week of February this year.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Councillor Peter Bradbury said: “Bute Park is such an important part of our city, perhaps more so than ever, so it was always our intention to find an operator who would manage their business in the most environmentally conscious way.”

The company has now started selling their artisan coffee from vintage, pedal-powered trikes and a refurbished tuk-tuk, which is the first in Cardiff to run solely on solar power.

Covid-19 has provided some challenges for businesses. But the lockdown has also presented a good opportunity for the mobile coffee company which is currently serving mainly dog-walkers, cyclists, and people coming for daily exercise in the park.

“Starting in a lockdown isn’t ideal. We expect to get it a lot busier especially in the spring and summer months when the lockdown ends and everyone is allowed to come out and about,” said Chris Garrett, co-owner of Handlebar Barista.

Mr. Chris Garett, Co-Owner Handlebar Barista speaking about his coffee company

The company also uses compostable and biodegradable cups and lids for serving their coffee out mobile. Mr. Garett said: “We know how important Bute Park is to the people of Cardiff, and are committed to making sure that our presence here adds to everyone’s experience when they visit.”

Founded in 2015, Handlebar Barista has a fleet of three vehicles. There are two pedal-powered trikes and a sustainable solar-powered tuk-tuk which is the latest addition, making them the “most eco-friendly coffee company” in Cardiff.

From left: Handlebar Barista #1, Handlebar Barista #2 and The HB Tuk-Tuk

More details about opening hours and locations can be found out on their website