Credit: CNP

Work on upgrading the North Road cycle route has started

Cardiff council has begun work upgrading the North Road cycle track between the ambulance station and Excelsior Road, which will widen the existing route.

As Cardiff Council has begun the work of upgrading the North Road cycle track between the Ambulance Station and Excelsior Road is being widened to make it safer for use. The track not only has cyclists but also pedestrians walking the same way. But some motorists feel that the council should fill up the potholes first.

Pothole on the North Road. Credit: CNP.

Johnathan Wright who is a cyclist and uses his bike to commute to work says “The cycle track really needs improvement for the width and surfacing is not good. The path is too narrow for people and bikers to pass safely”.

Cyclists who travel frequently also raise the concerns of flooding due to the size of the track and adverse weather conditions. Recently Cardiff was hit by Storm Ciara which led to severe winds and rains which caused flooding on the cycle paths around the Welsh capital.  They say that if the cycle track is widened it will give more way for the water to flow out and won’t clog on the track. They also say that if they get more way to cycle, it would help them cycle freely and use less breaks.

Few cyclists suggest that first the track should be upgraded and then the potholes should be covered

On the flip side motorists get their anger out on potholes. Akhil Manikonda a local motorist says the potholes are a bigger problem. During the rain the potholes are filled with mud which sprays mud marks on the clean car. They also say that some of the potholes are very deep which dents the vehicle from underneath.

Many thousands of cyclists use the network of cycle routes every week and the council hopes these improvements will encourage this greener method of commuting.