Whitchurch woman says Christmas thieves have spoiled village festivities

Christmas decorations are being stolen from front gardens in Cardiff, according to Hilary Johnston.

The Whitchurch resident says Christmas thieves have ruined one of the village’s seasonal highlights.
Hilary Johnston says she’s known locally as “the lady on the corner with the Christmas lights.” Each year, she projects Christmas illuminations across the front of her house. Her decorations are well known by local people who love viewing the lights as part of their annual festivities.
But earlier this month, thieves stole Mrs Johnston’s projector from her front garden.
Whitchurch residents are just as upset as Mrs Johnston about the projector’s disappearance. Her neighbours say they have now been put off putting up their own Christmas lights. Her next door neighbours are no longer interested in buying a projector for their own home — she says ‘they’re afraid somebody will pinch it’.
Over the weekend, Christmas lights were also stolen from a house in Maes Glas in north Cardiff and residents have been expressing their anger.
Mrs Johnston’s house is so famous in Whitchurch that local children refer to her house as ‘the Christmas house’. Despite all of this, Mrs Johnston says she appreciates the way the community has rallied round her and says her Christmas cheer is as strong as ever.