Cardiff residents live "in fear" of drug related crime

A Cardiff Councillor says he’s concerned about the rising number of young people getting involved in drug related crime in the city.
Cllr Ashley Lister, Assistant Cabinet member for Youth Services, says even “teenagers as young as 15 years old are getting involved.”  It’s perceived to be an easy option to make some money and they are attracted in with the expensive lifestyle.
He says the problem has become more prevalent over the last year and that the issue is becoming more ‘visible’ throughout Cardiff as drug dealers become more blasé.
Despite the work being done to address the issue, Cllr Lister says there’s been a surge in anger, frustration and complaints from local residents.
They’ve been complaining to him about the sense of fear they feel in their local community.
He says some residents have openly said they want to move out of the area because they are concerned about the problems they are seeing on a daily basis. Other residents have said they want to challenge the issue themselves.
Cllr Lister says he does not endorse this behaviour and advised anyone with this concern to contact the police.  He says “it’s criminal behaviour and it should therefore be brought to the attention of the police”.
In a statement South Wales Police says the issue remains a daily priority for them and they’re taking action to tackle the problem.