Campaign to get rid of ‘ineffective’ barriers causing problems for disabled cyclists

Barriers installed to tackle anti-social behaviour in Cardiff’s parks are causing issues for people with disabilities, campaigners have said.

The metal posts installed by the council mean cyclists have to dismount to get around them and are there to deter people on other forms of bikes such as e-scooters and motorcycles.

But CJS News spoke to Dan Allsobrook from campaign group Cardiff Cycle City at Grangemoor Park in Grangetown where he described the barriers as “completely ineffective”.

“The purpose of these barriers, apparently, is to deter people on motorcycles and E-bikes from accessing the park”.

“But anyone with any kind of determination on an E-scooter will take a few seconds to get through these barriers so they’re completely ineffective”.

The barriers inadvertently impact cyclists who use adaptive bikes such as a tri-cycle or tandem cycle, bikes which are often used by disabled cyclists.

An example of a tricycle for hire at Pedal Power

Pedal Power, based in Sophia Gardens in Cardiff, focuses on accessible and inclusive cycling for all.

Sam Farnfield from the organisation said the barriers are “disabling”.

“If we want net-zero, if we want to tackle climate change… physical barriers are one of the biggest issues we’ve got”.

“It’s a simple problem to fix, the barriers can be easily changed”.

Sam Farnfield, Senior Policy Officer at Pedal Power

The power to change lies with Cardiff Council.

In a statement given to CJS News, Cardiff Council said: “The park does suffer from antisocial behaviour with off-road bikes accessing the area. The barriers are in place to keep people safe, and we are working with the police to tackle this type of anti-social behaviour across the city.

“The transport team is also working with their colleagues in parks to assess the current situation and a meeting will be held with local councillors after Easter to determine the best way forward.”