Sudanese protests begin in Cardiff

Sudanese migrants in Cardiff are holding protests against their Government, who they say rule with “fear and terror”.

Elbashir Idris, one of the protest’s leaders, said that people in his homeland were being subjected to “constant raids and bombardments of tear gas and bullets”.
Mr Idris said that he had experienced being tear-gassed, even when he was not at a demonstration.
He added that “rebuilding our nation after thirty years of inadequacy is the biggest challenge”.
The campaign has received support from Welsh Government Minister Vaughan Gething.
A petition has been submitted to the UK Parliament website which calls on the UK Government to “condemn the systematic killing of innocent people” and “demand the regime respond immediately to the demands of the masses and trade unions in the country”.
President Omar al-Bashir blamed “infiltrators” for the killing of protesters.
More to follow.