Cardiff swimming club faces "struggle to survive"

A Cardiff swimming club’s “days are numbered” following a “significant” fee hike at their home in Cardiff International Pool.

In a statement, the City of Cardiff swimming club described the £50,000 increase in pool hire fees for the second year running as “unprecedented”.
The club added that they were the “most successful, member funded club in Wales”, adding they put “more swimmers on Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams than any other club”.
Councillor Ashley Lister (Labour, Grangetown) said it was”unfortunate” that pool owner Parkwood have raised prices, but defended the Council’s record: “We’ve got a good legacy of supporting sport around the city.”
“The previous Council administration were committed to supporting the international swimming pool at £1 million a year for a ten year period – unfortunately, that’s no longer viable for the council so the prices and finances have gone back onto Parkwood” “our cabinet member Peter Bradbury is working as a broker between the different parties to try and find a solution and decide where to go next”.
Parkwood were not available for comment.
Graham Wardell, Head Coach of City of Cardiff Swimming Club said: ”  There are contractual reasons on why the pool have to increase the fees because there has been a reduction in subsidies from the local authorities, for us it’s important to get all the parties around the table think how can we support what has been one of the most successful clubs in Wales. We were founded in 1975, we are the biggest swimming club in the country and have put swimmers forward for every Olympics and Commonwealth since then”.