Police leaving ‘reminder’ leaflets in unlocked cars as vehicle crime rises by a third

South Wales Police says it is trying to raise awareness of rising car crime by leaving “reminder hangers” on the windscreens of unlocked cars.

Vehicle crime has risen by almost a third in Cathays in the last few months.

The latest figures released by South Wales Police show that thirty-nine crimes were reported in December 2021.

That’s almost a quarter of the total vehicle crimes from last year in just one month.

People affected are calling on local police officers to do more to reduce the number of these crimes.

Siencyn Jones, who had his car broken into, said: “I had to cancel work for three days because I couldn’t get to work”.

He called it a “nuisance” having to get his car repaired.

Reported crimes include smashed car windows, goods stolen from inside vehicles and damage caused to the exterior of cars.

Norma Mackie, a local councillor in the Ward, is concerned there aren’t enough police on patrol in the area and that cutbacks in the police force means they don’t have the staff to do this.