Cycle lanes are word on the street in Roath

A volunteer group in Roath is calling on Cardiff Council to do more to improve outdoor spaces in the area.

Roath living street (RLS) want more cycle lanes to be introduced and accessibility to be improved on the pavements. They say that the council hasn’t made any improvements in the past three years. They say that while the council ‘have been making steps in the right general direction’ they are wanting to work with them to make the ‘shared space’ better for everyone.

In 2020 a segregated cycle lane was implemented along Wellfield Road and the pavements were widened to make it easier for pedestrians. The council also promised to add a new cycle lane on Albany Road, which had a positive response. But, so far nothing has happened.

Some businesses are protesting about new cycle lanes being added, as they say this will decrease parking spaces and make it harder for customers to visit them. But other business owners such as Green and Jenks Deli owner, Gilly Jenks, who believes that the cycle lane outside her shop has enabled easier access for pedestrians.

Cardiff Council said there is a ‘positive economic impact’ when people are able to walk and cycle to the shops. They have also said they are working on developing cycle lanes in Roath and are looking to ‘provide a segregated cycleway connecting Wellfield Road and Alder Road.’