Velindre Cancer Centre, Whitchurch

More than half a million cancer cases expected every year until 2040

DATA from Cancer Research UK suggests that over 500,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with Cancer every year for nearly 15 years.

Charities are warning the UK government and the devolved nations that if the projections are right, the NHS is in danger of being overwhelmed from the surge in cases.

As well as the expected surge in cases, the number of deaths from cancer will also rise. The report shows that death will rise by around a quarter and that there will be 3.5 million deaths from now until then.

The Welsh Government said that its plan will try and tackle the estimated projections in cases.

“We are investing heavily in cancer services to increase prevention and early detection and provide rapid access to investigation, treatment and high-quality cancer care.

The statement comes after the Welsh Government announced last week their Three-year Cancer Improvement Plan. The plan is aimed at trying to reduce waiting times as well as increase accessibility to cancer treatment and care.

However, Nia, a nurse from Velindre Cancer Centre says that despite government iniatives, there must also be a campaign to try and spot the signs of cancer as well as trying to encourage people to live healthier lives.

She says, “There’s definitely more within our personal lives that can help”

“Being sure about our diet and eating the correct foods and noticing changes within our bodies”

“All of these things can help spot the signs of cancer”