Price rise at Cardiff council car parks “disgusting”

The cost of parking across the council’s car parks will increase from Monday (Feb 6). Up
until now charges at the 11 sites have varied – but from next week all prices will be the
same. The car parks are in Whitchurch, Canton, Riverside and Llandaff.

New Prices

2 hours – free

3 hours – £3.50

4 hours – £4.00

5 hours – £4.50

(5 hours maximum stay and no return within 2 hours)

This will mean an increase of more than 100 % at some sites. The Llandaff High Street car
park will increase from £1 for four hours to £4 for four hours.

The council say the changes are being made to deter all day commuters and to “help
residents and shoppers secure parking.” They also say the increases are overdue as the
implementation of a public consultation was delayed by the pandemic

Clare Walker from Canton told CJS News that she understands the difficulty commuters
face but also stressed that “for a lot us who are trying to live here, as well as work here… it
can be an absolute pain popping to the shops”.

John Dough also from Canton described the news as “disgusting” telling CJS News that
“people round here work hard and they need somewhere to park their cars.”

But Jenny Cook from Llandaff thinks the increase is only fair. She says “it will deter the all
day parking commuters, but ooooof now that is a lot”.

The Council are yet to make a further statement about the changes.