Tik Tok’s rudest restaurant has opened in Newport

The viral phenomenon Karen’s Diner has opened a branch in Newport, where people pay to be insulted .

Karen’s Diner is a Tik Tok craze which started as a small restaurant in Sydney,  Australia where  premise is simple: ‘Great Food, Terrible Service’.

With more than a million followers worldwide, the chain has spread to the UK, opening its
first Welsh branch in Newport.  

It’s the usual American style diner with milkshakes, burgers and fries but with a rather mean twist of insults and abuse. There’s a vegetarian alarm for those who turn down their burgers , forced karaoke and rude renditions of Happy Birthday. 

Diners may also be forced to wear paper hats with personalised insults, drink from toilet shaped shot glasses and pick up their menus from the floor.  Customers can also expect to have food and drink thrown down on the table next to them.  

So why would anyone pay to be insulted?

The waiting customers queuing outside the diner told me that they had a ‘weird curiosity’ after seeing the restaurant chain online.

‘Life is too short, why take it seriously?’ one person told me. ‘It’s my sense of humour, if I’m not crying I’ll be disappointed’.

Customers filming their experience could even find themselves with a viral video. One TikTok user who filmed their experience at Karen’s and has gained more than 40 million views.

TikTok is full of customers desperate to visit but the restaurant fully booked for the next four weeks.

So, if you fancy your burger served with savage insults, then plan ahead because people can’t get enough of Karen and her abuse.