Cardiff music stores: voxpop

Record shops respond to the needs of a download generation

Lewis Welch, 22, shop assistant

The rise in music downloads has forced many high street record shops to close down, but one Cardiff store is refusing to go quietly. 

Next month Catapult Records relocates to a new, larger store, where they will host the first in a series of industry led classes, introducing the latest in digital music technology. 

The store, which was once a haven for vinyl purists, has been forced to embrace MP3 technology to cater for music consumers in Cardiff.

“I buy mine [music] from itunes, all MP3 downloads,” said Lewis Welch, a 22 year old shop assistant form Cardiff. “I don’t buy CDs any more really, apart from presents.”

“Normally I download it from the internet.” said Joe Travnicek, a 28 year old waiter, also from Cardiff.