Fresh food for our city


The Sustainable Food Cities Network advocates fresh food (Courtesy of Charlene Winfred)

New network pushes for fairer access to healthy food

Local government purchasing power could transform our city’s food system. This is the message from a Welsh planning expert, as Cardiff joins in launching a national food network.

Speaking as a Cardiff representative within the Sustainable Food Cities Network, Professor Kevin Morgan from Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning said that it would prompt Cardiff Council and urban planners to realise the importance of serving fresh food in public bodies such as schools and hospitals.

He claimed buying fresh produce would not only promote healthier lifestyles and stimulate the local economy but also help democratise access to healthy food.

Professor Morgan said: “I think there’s a tendency for really good food to be seen in exclusive terms. What’s special about public canteens is that they specialise in providing food for the most vulnerable consumers in the country.”