Olympics reach Wales: vox pop

Welsh Libraries Fortnight has been given a 2012 Inspire Mark

Cardiff Central Library gets active for 2012

Launching on November 2 at Cardiff’s Central library, the Olympic themed Libraries Fortnight begins with ‘Get Active’, and hopes to encourage members of the public to get ready for 2012 with sports classes. The day will also be attended by local sport stars including Olympic Silver Medallist, Jamie Baulch.

Speaking about the programme, Libraries marketing officer, Nicola Williams said, “We thought it was timely to get involved with London 2012. All the staff were really keen, not just for the sports link but to celebrate the cultural side of it, because obviously, it comes under the cultural Olympiad programme and obviously, libraries have a lot to offer”.

The Inspire mark is awarded to projects which are seen to encompass the values of the 2012 Olympics.