Mushroom festival coming to Cardiff

Gio’s is will play host to mushroom festival

Gio’s the place for mushroom fans

If Cardiff can host a cheese festival, it can also hold one dedicated to mushrooms, and so it shall on Sunday 20 November in Gio’s.

The all-day event is a celebration of Italian culture brought to Cardiff, according to manager Salvatore Vara. It will feature mushroom-themed art, containing pictures by Salvatore, and an exhibition of Italian immigrants. Later, there will be a food stand so people can sample ‘mushroomy’ treats and wine tasting. The day culminates with a four-course meal plus a ‘special surprise’.

Why mushrooms? “In Italy in November it’s mushroom time, each month there’s a different festival, to pork, to mushrooms, so it’s to bring Italy to Cardiff,”  says Salvatore.

Food lovers can expect a mushroom-packed menu, while being serenaded by Italian music.