Ensuring future Welsh football success

Futsal to help develop young players’ technical skills

Futsal hones skills such as receiving the ball under pressure (picture courtesy Welsh Football Trust)

A tournament in Cardiff aims to introduce children to the increasingly popular game of futsal this month.

It is hoped that the highly technical five-a-side game will instil superior ball control, as well as balance, coordination and agility in young players.

Recent Welsh footballing success, particularly at international level, shows that Wales is capable of producing top players, said Richard Gunney, Futsal Development Officer at the Welsh Football Trust. He feels that training methods like futsal can help continue the development of home grown talent.

“We must continuously learn and adapt to ensure we maximise the development of our young players in Wales at all ages and abilities, as football is always developing,” he said.

Friday 25 November, Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens