Brains brewery plans diverse ales

Brains will expand next year by installing an experimental brewery

The new brewery will bring more diverse options to Cardiff bars

Cardiff pubs will have to print new drinks menus as Brains is building a craft brewery to make a wider range of beers and ales.

The Cardiff-based drinks company is extending its facilities in March 2012 to include a new brewery that can concentrate on producing more specialist drinks.

Bill Dobson, the head brewer at Brains, said, “There should be more variety as we can use more unusual flavours and different ingredients. For example, we will now be able to try different hops and different malts.”

He explained that the new brewery’s small size will allow more experimentation, which would meet the demands of thirsty customers for more choice at the bar.

He added, “What we could produce is infinite, but I’m reluctant to say just yet.”