Charity prepares a Christmas feast

Local homeless charity seeks to alleviate yuletide suffering

Merry Christmas? Cardiff’s homeless face sub-zero temperatures and extreme hunger over the festive period

People across Wales are suffering as a consequence of the current economic austerity. Nevertheless, few will endure a Christmas devoid of food, shelter and warmth like Cardiff’s growing homeless population.

Indeed, The Huggard Centre is a local day centre and emergency bed unit that has seen over 18,500 homeless visitors pass through its doors this year; it anticipates this figure will swell further over the yuletide.

Despite pressures on staff, the charity plans to provide the city’s destitute population with a pleasant environment in which to spend Christmas day. 

“There shall be volunteers on hand to ensure there is plenty of great food on the table. Hopefully, there will be time for presents and games too,” says Julian Webb, a day worker at The Huggard Centre.