Bubble tea has come to town

bubble tea toppings

Choose a topping to complement your tailored flavours


If you’re looking for a taste of Taiwanese culture, and the chance to tap into some tapioca, then brand new kiosk Bubblebase in Cardiff centre is just the place for you.

Owner Kishan Varsani is proud that his is the first shop of its kind in Wales. Located in Queens Arcade, it sells over 800 different combinations of the tea, which first became popular in Taiwan in the 1980s.

The tea-based drink, of which there are endless variations, is usually a fruity or milky concoction, served hot or cold, with various toppings.

Varsani, whose favourite combination of bubble tea is hibiscus fruity with tapioca, said: “there are enough coffee shops in town, so it’s great to bring tea back to Cardiff, to a tea-loving nation.”