Art gallery to be destroyed

The final exhibition at Tactile Bosch brings together the artists who have showcased there in the past.

The doors opened last Saturday to the final exhibition at Tactile Bosch, an art gallery about to be reduced to rubble.

Unchartered Perspectives invites back some of the artists who have exhibited in the building over the past twelve years. This gives them the opportunity to showcase the development of their work. 

One such artist is Tiff Oben, who said, “I’ve gone from nowhere to the Tate Modern, and I say it’s all because of Tactile Bosch, and the initial stage and encouragement that they gave me.”

The exhibition is a strange miscellany of everything and anything, from a yurt-sauna to a wall of empty frames.

The building, an old Victorian warehouse, is soon to be demolished to make way for a housing estate.