Alcohol-free pub plans for Cardiff

Plans for an alcohol-free pub, whose profits would help fund a local charity for people with alcohol dependencies, are currently being made in Cardiff. 

Cardiff is set to be the home of an alcohol-free pub that will raise money for local charity. Credit: Thy

The man behind the proposal is Wynford Ellis Owen, who thinks the pub would appeal to families, under 18 year olds and people who are teetotal.

The idea is still in the very early stages but he wants the pub to have a communal setting just the same as any other pub, but without the alcohol. Alt.Cardiff asked some city residents their thoughts on the plans.

Sy Davies, 52, said, “I don’t think I would go. There are better ways to raise money for a charity.”

Louisa Archer, 33, said, “I’m quite intrigued by it, I might check it out.”