Penarth film-maker’s LA success

Medeni grew up in Penarth but is now pursuing her film career in Los Angeles.

A Penarth film-maker who now lives in Los Angeles has recently received great interest in her projects.

Medeni Griffiths, 28, who has previously had a film screened in The White House has now seen her award-winning short film Summit shown at the New York Film Society as part of the New Films/New Directors Festival.

Although she grew up in Penarth, Medeni has been living in LA for five years and has recently worked with Fox Searchlight Pictures – the film company behind Slumdog Millionaire.

Medeni said, “It’s great to receive recognition and begin to build relationships with like-minded filmmakers.  For me, the best thing about working in LA has been those opportunities to meet people who I see myself working with throughout my career.”